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At Minarah College, we are committed to harnessing the power of technology to provide our students with a dynamic and immersive learning environment. We believe that digital learning is a cornerstone of 21st-century education, empowering our students with the skills and competencies needed for their future success.

To ensure a seamless integration of technology in our classrooms, all students from Years 4 to 12 have access to their own 1:1 Microsoft device. This personalised approach enables our students to engage actively in their learning, collaborate with peers, and access a wealth of educational resources at their fingertips. Our students develop essential digital literacy skills, critical thinking abilities, and adaptability in navigating the digital landscape.

Furthermore, every classroom at Minarah College is equipped with a Lumio SMART Board, creating an interactive and engaging learning environment. These cutting-edge SMART Boards empower our teachers to deliver dynamic lessons, facilitate student participation, and foster creativity and collaboration. Through interactive multimedia presentations, real-time feedback, and immersive learning experiences, our students are fully absorbed in the digital realm, enhancing their understanding and retention of key concepts.

At Minarah College, we understand that technology is a powerful tool that amplifies learning experiences and expands horizons. However, we also recognise the importance of balance and responsible use of technology. Our digital learning approach is underpinned by a comprehensive digital citizenship program that promotes ethical and responsible use of technology, online safety, and the development of healthy digital habits.

Lessons are delivered through interactive flat panels; hence, teachers have the opportunity to cater for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. With less focus on textbooks, students now engage more in experiential and inquiry-based learning and have ample opportunities to work in collegial groups using various thinking routines.

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2022 5-Star Innovative School

In recognition of our Innovations in Digital Learning we were awarded a 5-Star Innovative School award in 2022.

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